BOXERMesh is an advanced, highly automated, unstructured mesher with robust CAD import, that delivers quality multi-million cell meshes in minutes, on geometries of arbitrary complexity and size.

Developed by CFS to overcome the traditional bottlenecks constraining engineering simulations, it is implemented as scalable, fully parallelised software, based on innovative algorithms adapted from the computer graphics industry. The result is a meshing software of exceptional performance, offering a step improvement in complex CAE simulation capability and productivity.

Mesh and simulation of a transonic cascade test facility
Geometry courtesy of Dr Qiang Zhang of University of Michigan – Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Joint Institute


BOXERMesh Features :

Graphical User Interface: The GUI provides powrful yet straightforward funtionality to allow users to import, specify and create quality meshes. The GUI is built using HOOPS libraries from Techsoft 3D (

Prismatic near wall layers: are easily specified and automatically  allowing viscous flow resolution down to y+ levels of 1 or lower. Uniquely, near-wall layer extrusion id implemented as a fully parallel process.

Multi-region meshes: the meshing of different regions within a geometry is a standard capability. The interface between regions are conformal (node and face matched), and support viscous near-wall layers.

Refinement: built-in refinement tools based on curvature, surface or volume enable the user to tailor the mesh carefully to each application. Additional options include the ability to specify refinement on shells and volumes imported from CAD or CFD solutions.

Parallel Distributed Memory: BOXERMesh is a true parallel application using distributed data structures and MPI-based distributed processing. The software runs on a wide range of platforms, from laptops to HPC clusters, to the Cloud.

Scalability and pricing: distributed memory parallel processing gives BOXERMesh exceptional scalability, offering users very significant speed-ups over a large range of parallel processes (see graph). The simple, flat pricing structure allows users to run as many processors as they require.

Scripting: Journal files allow BOXERMesh to be run in batch, or as part of an automated process. These files are easily generated either through the GUI or through manual editing.

Cartesian and Cylindrical Polar Coordinate Systems: both systems support node and face matched periodic mesh bounda

  • Intuitive & Easy to use
  • Highly CAD-tolerant
  • Complex models meshed in minutes
  • Runs on laptops to HPC clusters to the Cloud
  • Interactive or scripted
  • Fully parallelised & scalable
BOXERMesh 3.5 is now available!

Screenshot of BOXERMesh GUI


The Boxer GUI is built using HOOPS Visualize™ from Tech Soft 3D