Future Products

CFS recognises the value of delivering a range of software solutions to address the evolving requirements of engineering simulation. In line with its philosophy of removing the bottlenecks that constrain effective simulation, the company is developing geometry handling and flow solving tools, to complement the unique capabilities of BOXERmesh.


BOXERgeom uses the geometry kernel capabilities of the core Boxer method to provide robust Boolean operations and geometry editing and sculpting, all in an entirely topology-independent and unconstrained manner – and all coupled to the fast & automated meshing of BOXERmesh. This avoids all the usual bottlenecks associated with mesh deformation, providing a very quick and robust environment for design edits coupled to physical modelling.


BOXERsolver is being developed as a cost-effective CFD tool that can be used on the majority of routine aerodynamic cases, whilst offering significantly faster run times. It traces its roots to Bill Dawes’s BtoB3D and NEWT (unstructured) family of solvers, both of which have seen extensive use worldwide. A highly specialised version of BOXERsolver will offer several orders of magnitude greater speed on very large meshes, focusing on LES simulations run on GPUs.