Licensing Partnerships

A licensing partnership is the commercial arrangement through which a partner licenses our products – currently BOXERmesh. Our usual terms are per-seat per-year floating seat licences but customised licensing packages can also be set up.

This model provides access to

  • BOXERmesh software itself, and regular releases from our ongoing development planning during the course of a licence year
  • Standard functionality such as CAD import and the GUI
  • Peripheral utilities e.g. for mesh format conversion
  • Software support at standard industrial levels

The BOXERmesh software is entirely parallelised and our licensing model is specifically not per-CPU, but rather, simply per-seat as we intend to enable rather than prohibit parallel and scalable simulations.  The standard licence is good for up to 256 cores; an “extreme” licence is available for use beyond 256 cores, enabling billion+ cell meshing.

From June 2019 we are launching at demo level our new products with the aim of generating feedback & field experience

BOXERgeom geometry editing & management

  • FFD to support automated design optimisation
  • Level-set “Digital Geometry” to support generative design, topological design optimisation and in-service, thru-life component degradation, wear, erosion etc. in the spirit of the Digital Twin

BOXERsolve: single, fast RANS & LES

  • validated in turbomachinery and in motor-sport
  • GPU versions available